Yoga Therapy

The main emphasis of Yoga Therapy is to take an individual approach with each person and to apply the tools in a unique combination. It focusses on re-establishing the balance necessary for health and wellbeing.  A Yoga Therapist has a deep understanding of how the tools of Yoga can affect and help a person in a holistic way.  By using Asana, breathing, mantra, visualisation and meditation appropriately for each individual we can create a positive effect.  Kate helps people to become more aware of their patterns of behaviour, initially through self study, aiming to improve their quality of life.  Yoga teaches a lot about how the mind works and the breath is key in understanding and effecting our own minds  – we all breathe automatically but when used with thought and direction it can be a highly useful tool.  

121 sessions can be booked at Surrey Holistic or Well & Good in Godalming. There is also the option to work from home; in person or via Zoom,  if preferred.